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декабрь 2018
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Рейтинг: 75

О себе

Professional skills:

1) Experience with Xcode 4x-8x, IOS SDK 6.0-12.0, Interfase Builder;
2) Good knowledge  Swift , basic knowledge of C, C++, C#;
3) Knowledge of design patterns, the basics of working with memory, the basics of working with servers, parsers, integration with social networks. Networks;
4) Work with Cocoa, UIKit, CoreData, RestKit;
5) Ability to use libraries, as well as to understand them:
5) English language at the level of reading those. Documentation;


Computer skills:

1) knowledge of Swift, working with XCodeIphone SDKInterface Builder, XCode Instruments;

2) good knowledge of C / C +, basic knowledge of Basic, HTML, working with Visual Studio

3) knowledge of AutoCad, MatLab;

4) work with Adobe Photoshop, the Microsoft Office suite;

5) good knowledge of various operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS);

6) software installation skills;


Personal qualities:

1) Ability to learn new quickly (including independently)

2) The ability to plan your own time, make a plan for implementing the task, work independently

3) Analytical mindset, logical thinking

4) Leadership qualities

5) Creative approach to any task

6) Aiming at the result and extracting new knowledge and skills


And yet, most importantly, 
I adore my profession!


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Курсы валют

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